“CHOOSING JOY” is the theme for our Sunday services for the third quarter.  It’s been said that in life, one always has a choice.  Sometimes the only choice is our attitude.  We all know how life can present us with seeming obstacles, difficulties, and sorrows.  What would it mean to choose joy, and how can [...]

Creativity and Mysticism

This quarter our speakers will focus on an intriguing topic.  As we begin the spring season of growth, optimism, and renewal, we turn to the idea of companionship between creativity and mysticism.  A mystic seeks to access and relate to the One Source of Creation. As we explore our own creativity, we should not be [...]

Divine Science – Principles and Practices for the 21st Century

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for a series of sermons on the basics of our spiritual tradition.  The series will continue throughout the first quarter of the year. It will culminate, as our series always do,  in an “open mic”, allowing all to share their experiences, opinions and practices.  The speakers will include [...]

A Summer of Abundance

JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST were dedicated to observance and remembrance of the ever-presence of Abundance in our lives. We may instinctively look down to the seeming lack in our lives, but while summer spreads its “fructifying heat and light o’er myriad forms” we can more readily accept our good fortune. Over those 12 weeks we [...]